Strategic Acquisitions, Smart Investments, and Impactful Angel Programs

Draslaric Holding Group Corporation (DHGC), a leading diversified holding company dedicated to driving innovation and growth in the Consumer Goods & Services (CG&S) and Hospitality industries. Our commitment to excellence and strategic investments has positioned us as a key player in the global market.


DHGC is structured into two main divisions: Retail Arm: Draslaric Group (DSRG) Our Retail Arm, managed by Draslaric Group (DSRG), oversees a diverse portfolio of brands and companies in the consumer products and services sector. This includes: - Draslaric: A renowned consumer brand. - Foretellic, HODRATS, and 降龙玄: Service companies offering specialized services. - Over 77 companies: Providing fortune-telling, feng shui, and various other services across Singapore.

Investment Arm: Draslaric Holding Our Investment Arm, headquartered in New York City, operates in more than seven countries, creating a global network of over 340 subsidiaries and investments. We focus on acquiring and investing in innovative companies and ventures within the: - Consumer Goods & Services (CG&S) - Hospitality - Fintech - Technology sectors Our goal is to identify and nurture transformative opportunities that offer strategic expansion and enhancements to our retail operations and other acquired entities.


At DHGC, we believe in the power of a synergistic ecosystem that drives rapid growth and success. To support this vision, we invest in incubator programs designed to nurture promising startups and entrepreneurs, fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.


As part of our commitment to driving positive change, we actively support promising startups and entrepreneurs through our dedicated incubator programs.

We recognize that entrepreneurship is the catalyst for progress and economic development, and we strive to foster a culture of innovation and empower talented individuals to turn their ideas into reality.


We are dedicated to the success of our brands, companies, acquisitions, and investments. Upholding principles of fairness and confidentiality, we strive to ensure the success of both DHGC and our valued partners.


To explore collaboration opportunities and learn more about how DHGC can empower your business or startup, please reach out to our team. Let's embark on a transformative journey together and unlock your potential with DHGC.